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Docker Toolbox portable app made with Portapps.
Provides a way to use Docker on Windows systems.

Latest version 18.09.3
Internal release 5
Last updated 2019/03/17
Maintainer CrazyMax
License Apache License 2.0


Fresh installation

Download and install the latest portable setup where you want then run docker-toolbox-portable.exe.

App already installed

If you have already installed Docker Toolbox from the original setup, do the same thing as a fresh installation and move files :

  • %USERPROFILE%\.docker\* to data\storage

Run docker-toolbox-portable.exe and then you can remove Docker Toolbox from your computer.


For an upgrade, simply download and install the latest portable setup.


VirtualBox needs to be installed !


Docker Toolbox portable can be configured through the main YAML configuration file :

    name: default
    cpu: 1
    ram: 1024
    disk: 20000
    shared_name: shared
    on_exit_stop: false
    on_exit_remove: false
  • : Name of the virtual machine (default default)
  • machine.host_cidr : Specify the Host Only CIDR (default
  • machine.cpu : Number of CPUs for the machine (-1 to use the number of CPUs available ; default 1)
  • machine.ram : Size of memory for host in MB (default 1024)
  • machine.disk : Size of disk for host in MB (default 20000)
  • machine.share_name : Name of the mounted directory (in data\shared) to use as volume (default shared)
  • machine.on_exit_stop : Stop the virtual machine on exit
  • machine.on_exit_remove : Remove the virtual machine on exit

Mount a volume

The directory for volume persistence is located in data\shared. The share name can be customized in the configuration file and if you kept the default one (shared) you can mount a volume for persistence and fully portable : -v /shared/matomo:/data.


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