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KiTTY portable app made with Portapps.
A fork of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.

Latest version
Internal release 37
Last updated 2023/12/26
Maintainer CrazyMax
License MIT License


Download and install the latest portable setup where you want then run kitty-portable.exe.

If you have already installed KiTTY from the original setup, move the following files :

  • <APP_PATH>\kitty.ini to data

Then run kitty-portable.exe and remove KiTTY from your computer.


For an upgrade, simply download and install the latest portable setup.



Here is what differs from the original release to ensure portability :

  • Following environment variables are passed to the process.
    • KITTY_INI_FILE=<data_path>\kitty.ini: Path to configuration file
  • Some configuration settings are overrided.
    • savemod=dir
    • configdir=<data_path>\config
  • Registry settings are converted to dir mode in data/config if folder is empty.

Known issues

There is no known issues Please let us know if you found one!


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